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Network or Utilities information has historically been poorly managed, disorganized, or outright obsolete. Other demands of your time and budget take priority. Records consist of static as-built drawings, schematics, and other documents accumulated over years of development. Records are dispersed between the flat file and file cabinet or just rolled up in a box in the corner. Record maintenance and updates are rainy day projects that never happen. Other information resides entirely in the memory of your staff. This has unfortunately become an unintended industry standard. Typically these records are not duplicated or scanned and stored in multiple locations in the event of fire, hurricane, water intrusion and the like. And how will you retrieve information from employees that have retired, relocated or suffered their own personal tragedy? FiberTrak is a true asset tracking and infrastructure mapping solution built from years of experience doing design, build, implementation and maintenance for projects across the country. This award winning solution is the answer to all of your mapping, documentation and maintenance pains. This product was built by contractors, for contractors and owners alike. FiberTrak was originally developed for the communications industry but has become a valuable tool for multiple utilities and infrastructures.

The Solution is FiberTrak

FiberTrak was developed by Precision Contracting Services, Inc. (PCS) who offers a full suite of professional services such as a network design and implementation, installation, integration, maintenance, asset management and training services.

The FiberTrak team, powered by PCS can deliver this solution as a stand alone software solution for your use or as a hosted solution. Our solution provides you a robust and comprehensive offering to document and track any utility or infrastructure. If you don’t have current data to import, our Fibertrak team can perform your documentation for you. Our Fibertrak solution allows you to create an intelligent model of your entire infrastructure and or utility. This includes more than just your Outside Plant Infrastructure and Inside Plant Network Elements, Pipelines, Electric, Water, Gas… Our solution gives you one cohesive database with accurate and retrievable information scalable across your entire enterprise. FiberTrak offers custom integration of off-the-shelf CADD, GIS, and Database management systems for Administrators, Engineers, Designers, and Maintenance Technicians using an intuitive and open platform created from our years of experience in the field. we have the experience to integrate from any existing product or solution including AutoDesk AutoCAD, ESRI ArcGIS, Adobe Acrobat and Google Earth.

FiberTrak allows clients to achieve a Life Cycle approach to network documentation.


  • Automatic CAD graphical rendering of fiber schematics from database.
  • Viewing full network connectivity between outside plant and inside plant.
  • Making business decisions for locating paths, capacity and connections to maximize ROI.
  • Managing circuit and bandwidth allocation on an individual fiber or customer basis.
  • Assigning optical system names and descriptions to a grouping of fibers with automatic rippling of optical system names as a result of network modifications.
  • Spatial Model allows flexibility for query of trace reports, outage reports, equipment reports…
  • Identify Clients, Circuits, Paths or Priorities from data query attribute.
  • Expedite outage repairs by providing Maintenance Technicians precise locations of fiber cuts.
  • Running consolidated Bill of Materials reports containing passive and active element information.
  • Data model hosting by PCS and/or owner’s environment.
  • Viewing or accessing the entire network documentation package in Google Earth or Adobe including schematics and photos of all assets. These formats have proven very helpful to Administrators, Network Engineers and Maintenance Technicians without CADD or GIS experience or software.
  • Windows single sign-on user authentication.


The FiberTrak process consists of several key steps:

  • Field Discovery & Documentation
  • Field Auditing of Existing Documentation
  • Data Conversion & Migration
  • Geospatial Network modeling of OSP & ISP
  • Data Maintenance

Innovations & Awards

  • Bentley BE Inspired Award for Innovation in Communications winner 2009 & 2011, Finalist in 2010


One of the main strengths of our intelligent geospatial model is interoperability with the various data formats. FiberTrak can easily and accurately produce full plan sets, GIS layers, and Google Earth data sets; and more importantly, update these deliverables easily.

FiberTrak is the response to your asset and infrastructure mapping and documentation needs.

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