Does your network model look like this? Networks. You build them. You own them. Your Clients and the World relies on them. But in a blink of an eye you could lose your entire network's valuable data. You want to protect your network. And you also want your network's data information to be a comprehensive, accurate database - one you can access anytime, anywhere.

Network information has historically been poorly managed, disorganized, or outright obsolete. Other demands of your time and budget take priority. Records consist of static as-built drawings, schematics, and other documents accumulated over years of development. Records are dispersed between the flat file and file cabinet or just rolled up in a box in the corner. Record maintenance and updates are rainy day projects that never happen. Other information resides entirely in the memory of your staff. This has unfortunately become an unintended industry standard. Typically these records are not duplicated or scanned and stored in multiple locations in the event of fire, hurricane, water intrusion and the like. And how will you retrieve information from employees that have retired, relocated or suffered their own personal tragedy?

FiberTrak is the network documentation and design division of PCS. The Fibertrak team creates an intelligent model of your entire network integrating all your Outside Plant Infrastructure and Inside Plant Network Elements into one cohesive database with accurate and retrievable information. FiberTrak offers custom integration of off-the-shelf CADD, GIS, and Database management systems for Administrators, Network Engineers/System Designers, and Maintenance Technicians using recognized platforms such as Bentley Microstation or AutoDesk AutoCAD, ESRI ArcGIS, Adobe Acrobat and Google Earth.